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Merchant Payment Solutions

Re-loadable Credit Cards, Check and ACH, POS Systems, and more!

Credit Card Processing

Electronic payments such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and loyalty programs, has become the norm for how businesses and consumers pay for  goods and services.

The average retailer accepts 66 percent of  payments electronically. Electronic payments are eliminating other, more traditional forms of payment at an unprecedented rate.

We have partnered with one of the premier payment and transaction processors, whose extensive experience combined with a robust processing network, delivers cost effective, processing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

When selling, todays consumer assumes you have the flexibility to accept multiple forms of payment for the sale. Kenewell Group Merchant Payment Solutions provides consolidated processing for payments of all types.

Processing for retailers and restaurateurs streamlines the payment process.
Let Kenewell Group Merchant Payment Solutions show you how.

With Kenewell Group Merchant Payment Solutions as your card processor, transaction volume is irrelevant. Secure, ultra high speed networks move  transactions quickly and cost effectively. Plus, we work directly with merchants.
Your business will  benefit from volume pricing regardless of how many
transactions you do.

Kenewell Group Merchant Payment Solutions offers new equipment,
updating, leasing, and E-Commerce Solutions.

Kenewell Group Merchant Payment Solutions partners with companies from all industries. Perfect solutions for your business!





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